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Member Name Contact Info Representation Name Resolution Num Term
Maciejewski, Jason 8983 Starfield Court
Dexter, MI 48130
Work Phone: 734-222-6850
Home Phone:
Email: maciejewskij@washtenaw.org
Board of Commissioner 21-006 12/31/2021
Miree, Thomas 2710 Tuebingen
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-1202
Work Phone:
Home Phone: 734-995-0053
Email: tmiree@att.net
County Older Person 19-222 12/31/2021

A minimum of six meetings per year shall be held at the call of the Chair or the request of a minimum of three voting members. For additional information contact Area Agency on Aging at (248 )948-1640; located at 29100 Northwestern Highway, Suite 400, Southfield, MI 48034.

The policies of the State of Michigan Office of Services to the Aging require, and the regulations of the Federal Older Americans Act imply that there shall be a policy making board established for each Area Agency on Aging.

The Agency pays mileage at the Agency rate to members not receiving per diem and not employed.

The Executive Board is composed of 13 members, as follows: two representatives apopinted by the County Board of Commissioners; one commissioner and one represetnative of senior citizens, appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Area Agency on Aging. Upon selection of a Chairperson, the County from which the Chairperson comes shall be asked to appoint another representative. Alternate: An alernate for each of the Board members shall be designated (with the exception of the "County Older Person" representative) by the appointing bodies when delegate selection takes place. Term: Commissioners serve two years and shall be appointed in odd numbered years. Older persons serve two years and shall be appointed in even numbered years. All voting members are eligible for reappointment. Commissioners are eligible for reappoinment if re-elected.

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