River Raisin Watershed Council
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Member Name Contact Info Representation Name Resolution Num Term
Pratt, Evan 705 N. Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Work Phone: 734-222-6860
Home Phone:
Email: pratte@washtenaw.org
Board of Commissioners Appointment 21-210 12/31/2023
Sheehan, Harry
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
Email: sheehanh@washtenaw.org
Alternate 21-210 12/31/2023


Act 253, P.A. 1964, and the bylaws of the Council. The River Raisin Watershed Council was formed in 1974 under the state of Michigan?s Local River Management Act and is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by member municipalities. We are a public service, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. PA 451 of 1994 replaced the authority of PA 253 of 1964.

Members receive no compensation.

Each County is entitled to one representative, plus one representative for each 20,000 population or fraction thereof in the townships, villages and cities not maintaining their own membership. Representatives are appointed for two-year terms.

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