Washtenaw County Substance Use Disorders Oversight Policy Board
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Member Name Contact Info Representation Name Resolution Num Term
Jefferson, Ricky 220 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Work Phone: 734-222-6894
Home Phone:
Email: jeffersonr@washtenaw.org
General 22-170 09/30/2024
Uzelac, Monique
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
General 22-189 09/30/2025


Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Resolution 14-00140 The appointed members of this board will approve local funds for treatment and prevention services of substance use disorders contained in the CMHPSM budget, advise and make recommendations regarding CMHPSMâ¿¿s budget for substance use disorder treatment or prevention services using other non-local funding sources, advise and make recommendations regarding contracts with substance use disorder treatment or prevention services providers and perform other responsibilities as determined by the CMHPSM related to the planning and implementation of substance use disorders treatment and prevention services across the region.


Any combination of County Commissioners or others are eligible, as allowed by Michigan law, that the BOC deems best represents the interests of the County. The remaining two members from each county are appointed by the Regional Board with recommendations forwarded by each respective community mental health board. The SUD Oversight Policy Board (OPB) membership must include at least one individual from each county who is or has been directly served by SUD prevention, treatment, and/or recovery programs. The SUD Oversight Policy Board membership may include representation from the following sectors: Public and private SUD prevention, treatment or recovery providers, where conflicts of interest do not exist. Epidemiologists from the university sector and local health departments. Representatives of primary care agencies including federally qualified health centers and local hospitals. Representatives of accountable care organizations and health insurance plans. Local agencies and stakeholders, related services agencies, other health, social services and faith-based advocacy-oriented agencies and organizations (e.g., housing, education, law enforcement and employment assistance. The general public and civic organizations, the corporate community, representatives from the schools of medicine and others interested and willing to advocate for prevention, treatment and recovery services for persons with, or who are at risk for SUDs. All representatives shall serve three-year terms, starting October 1, of the year appointed. Appointments shall be effective upon approval of the respective organization. All reappointments shall be made by the respective appointing organization.

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