Committee ID: C-2016-159
Committee Type: Candidate Committees
Committee Name: Committee to Elect Angela Davis
Candidate First Name: Angela
Candidate Last Name: Davis
Reason for Committee:
Political Party: Non-Partisan
District: Washtenaw Community College
Office Sought: Trustee
Committee Formed Date: 08/15/2016
Mailing Address: 2073 Garden Circle
City/State/Zip: Ann Arbor , MI 48103
Committee Phone Number: 734-972-8815 Ext:
Committee Email: boardoftrustee@wcc
Treasurer Name: Leon Mark
Treasurer Mailing Address: 3631 Ranchero Drive, Apt. 206
City/State/Zip: Ann Arbor , MI 48108
Treasurer Phone Number: 734-635-8926 Ext:
Treasurer Email: Lmark9@cc.net
Reporting Waiver: Yes
Official Depository: TCF Bank
Depository Address: 1900 Pauline Blvd.
City/State/Zip: Ann Arbor , MI 48108
Status: Active
Last Active Election:

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Document Name Date Filed Pages  
Statement of Organization 08/15/2016 1
Late Filing Fee Credit 08/15/2016 1
Notice of Failure to File 08/12/2016 1
Pre-Election Campaign Statements for: General 10/27/2016 10
Post-Election C.F. Compliance Statement 12/2/2016 1
Ammended Statements 12/16/2016 1