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STATUS:Regular, Full Time
SALARY RANGE:$35,487.40- $43,713.54
LOCATION:750 Towner, Ypsilanti
Under the supervision of a qualified professional Health Services Supervisor is responsible for providing peer support services, consumer advocacy and support. The Peer Support Specialist, as a self identified individual in recovery assists consumers in regaining control over their lives and over their own recovery process. The Peer Support Specialist performs direct services to individuals with a mental illness, developmental disability, co-occurring disorder and to individuals involved in the criminal justice system. The Peer Support Specialist is responsible for assisting qualified mental health clinicians in the completion of clinical assessment, development and maintenance of Person Centered Plans of Service, coordination and monitoring of consumer services, directly assisting consumers in achieving desired outcomes and documenting consumer progress. In addition, the Peer Support Specialist delivers evidence based practice interventions under the direction of a qualified mental health clinician.
The Peer Support Specialist will be assigned additional duties specifically related to the program they serve.
Essential Duties and Core Functions:

Fostering recovery, self determination and improved quality of life:

  • Provides direct support to consumers with a mental illness, developmental disability and/or co-occurring disorder.
  • Coordinates and collaborates with a consumer┐s network of care, including primary healthcare, family and natural supports.
  • Uses experiences with personal recovery in assisting and supporting the team and clients.
  • Enhances the clinical team decision making by assuring consumer voice and choice is included in planning.
  • Promotes recovery through role modeling and sharing experiences, providing hope and encouragement and connection to the community.
  • Participates in the planning and implementation of client service plans.
  • Assists consumers to identify recovery goals and set objectives.
  • May accompany staff on outreaches to engage individuals and build a trusting relationship that will lead to treatment and recovery
  • Understands and utilizes specific interventions necessary to assist consumers in meeting their recovery goals.
  • Assist consumers in resolving interpersonal conflicts in their environment.
  • Teaches skills needed to increase independence in the areas of work skills, safety skills, social skills, finding and maintaining housing, and receiving and maintaining benefits.
  • Helps consumers to aspire to roles which emphasize their strengths by sharing first hand experiences in their own recovery journey.
  • Assist consumers with the development of critical life skills.
  • Provides supportive counseling.
Resources / Collaboration and Advocacy:

  • Assists in systems advocacy to secure needed services for the clients from any service provider either internal or external to the Community Mental Health system.
  • Provides support and education regarding mental illness and the stigma associated to mental illness.
  • Provides education to consumers about their rights, and about navigating the mental health system.
  • Maintains consumer confidentiality and adherence to HIPPA requirements at all times.
  • Maintains compliance with all applicable practice standards and guidelines.
  • Completes all required documentation in a timely manner consistent with agency guidelines.
  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness of the role of culture in the delivery of services.
Organizational Development:

  • Fosters and promotes the organization's mission, vision and goals.
  • Demonstrates alignment with the organization┐s vision and mission.
  • Participates in continuing education activities to further enhancement of services.
  • Represents the agency in the community in a manner that fosters understanding of the mental health needs of consumers and the goals/mission of the organization
Other duties may be assigned by the Health Services Supervisor dependent on program needs.

Duties require sufficient mobility to work in a normal office setting and use standard office equipment including a computer, vision to read printed materials and a VDT screen, and hearing and speech sufficient to communicate in person or over the telephone.
May require a moderate to extensive amount of walking and working outdoors during all weather conditions.
These requirements may be accommodated for otherwise qualified individuals requiring and requesting such accommodations.
Within the first six months of hire the employee will be expected to demonstrated competence in the following:
Knowledge and Understanding of:

  • Michigan Mental Health Code including Recipient Rights and Confidentiality provisions
  • Common developmental disorders and multiple diagnoses including chronic mental illness and substance abuse
  • Recovery based treatment
  • Peer support
  • Consumer advocacy organizations
  • Consumer entitlements
  • Community resources
Skills in:

  • Working as a team member
  • Performing effectively under stress
  • Organizing and prioritizing tasks, making sound judgments and decisions
  • Operating standard office equipment, including but not limited to; personal computer, fax machine and photocopier
  • Interacting in a professional manner with community members
Beyond six months

Employee will continue to participate in on-going professional development activities, maintain all required professional development, and will be able to demonstrate increased competence in the skills required for the position. In addition, the employee will maintain their certification as a Peer Support Specialist.
There are no specific licenses or certifications required at hire. Completion of the State of Michigan Peer Support Specialist training and Certification process within six months of hire is required
Possession of a high school diploma or its equivalent.
Experience accessing the public mental health system as a consumer is preferred. No specific prior experience delivering mental health support and services is required; however committee work, public presentation experience and knowledge of the recovery model is preferred.
This class description intends to identify the major duties and requirements of the job and should not be interpreted as all-inclusive. Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related duties other than those outlined above and may be required to have specific job-related knowledge for successful job performance.


CONTROL NUMBER: 2209-5120-1581-0021


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