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STATUS:Regular, Full Time
SALARY RANGE:48,665.50
LOCATION:705 N. Zeeb Rd.
Washtenaw County Health Department envisions a healthy community where every resident has the opportunity to achieve optimal health and well-being.
Washtenaw County Health Department is committed to working with community members and partners to address the factors that influence health, including employment, education, housing, neighborhood, public safety, food access, air and drinking water quality, and health care. Our work toward health equity and social justice will be guided by the following principles:
  • We value all people equally
  • We promote the improvement of living conditions in which community members are born, grow, reside, work, play, learn and age.
  • We strengthen partnerships with community members that aid in community empowerment through community capacity building, organizing, and mobilizing.
  • We name racism and other -isms as a barrier to health equity and social justice.
Under the supervision of a higher classified employee, inspects commercial, residential and public locations to determine conformity with federal, state and county laws, rules and regulations to safeguard the public health and environment. Examines construction and renovation plans, promotes public health, sanitation and environment protection and is a resource to the general public on departmental environmental and public health issues.
Initially under close supervision, employees gradually receive more complex assignments and work more independently as experience is gained. Employees are required to become Registered Sanitarians after gaining the required experience, necessary special requirements and demonstrating acceptable work proficiency.
Assigned to work in various programs within the Environmental Health Division as needed at the discretion of the Department Head.
  • Applies ethical principles in accessing, collecting, analyzing, using, maintaining, and disseminating data and information.
  • Contributes to implementation of organizational strategic plan.
  • Communicates in writing and orally with linguistic and cultural proficiency (e.g., using age-appropriate materials, incorporating images).
  • Describes the concept of diversity as it applies to individuals and populations (e.g., language, culture, values, socioeconomic status, geography, education, race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession, religious affiliation, mental and physical abilities, historical experiences)
  • Collaborates with community partners to improve health in a community (e.g., participates in committees, shares data and information, connects people to resources)
  • Describes how public health sciences (e.g., biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration, social and behavioral sciences, and public health informatics) are used in the delivery of the 10 Essential Public Health Services
  • Adheres to organizational policies and procedures
  • Incorporates ethical standards of practice (e.g., Public Health Code of Ethics) into all interactions with individuals, organizations, and communities
Essential Duties:

  • Inspects vacant land for residential and non-residential development for conformance with environmental health standards and for appropriateness of proposed sewage and water systems.
  • Consults with land owners, builders, engineers and others regarding design, installation and maintenance of individual sewage and water systems.
  • Provides consultation and technical expertise to the water well industry, the sewage disposal industry, the food service industry, the public sector and governmental entities.
  • Performs site evaluations and plan reviews of commercial developments, plats and site condominiums utilizing on-site sewage disposal systems and water supplies
  • Performs reviews of plans for new food establishments, complex sewage systems, secondary containment and other facilities monitored and regulated by the Department.
  • Required to participate on an on-call and scheduled basis for after normal business hours activities related to emergency preparedness, illness investigations, temporary food service licensure inspections, and environmental/public health emergency response.
  • Investigates a variety of Environmental complaints involving reports of unsafe food, contaminated drinking water and surface water, possible water pollution practices, insect and rodent infestation, mold, unsanitary housing conditions, improper sewage disposal, illicit discharges of hazardous materials, and other practices that are public health hazards and/or nuisances. Makes standard field tests on water and sewage, or collects specimens for detailed laboratory testing.
  • Conducts inspections at state licensed facilities including such places as public swimming pools, daycare and adult care facilities, and campgrounds
  • Approves licenses and issues permits for facilities and locations that are in compliance with applicable regulations as determined though an on-site inspection or evaluation.
  • Works collaboratively with various agencies to jointly resolve environmental and health problems.
  • Initiates legal action and testifies at hearings as necessary.
  • Work as a liaison between the state and regulated community on various programs
  • Identify and inspect facilities that use, produce or store toxic, hazardous or potentially polluting materials.
  • Promote remediation of environmental contamination throughout Washtenaw County.
  • Provide information to assist emergency response personnel in controlling toxic releases to the environment.
  • Administer Type II Water Supply program.
  • Review Time of Sale well and septic system inspection reports and issue authorizations for sale or denials of sale based on set criteria.
  • Enters information into the Tidemark system and track necessary enforcement of Time of Sale non-compliance.
  • Conduct Time of Sale Inspector certification training.
  • Assures that appropriate enforcement actions occur and reviews cases where legal action is anticipated or in progress, works closely with legal counsel and may testify as an expert witness.
  • Represents the department before meetings of business, citizen or community, governmental and professional groups. Acts as liaison with various community officials, facility operators, contracts and agencies to provide information and assure proper communication.
  • Provides and coordinates industry training in assigned program area. Training sessions and presentations are geared for organizations to educate their employees regarding sanitation and environmental health regulations to safeguard the public health.
  • Administer the Time of Sale program.
  • Act as liaison to coordinator of festivals involving food to assist in determining how many temporary food licenses are required.
  • Ability to review electronic county maps and navigate geographic information system as it relates to various job duties.
  • May conduct special inspections for other local, state and federal units of government, such as DHHS, DEQ or others, gathering data and preparing reports with recommendations on matters such as conformity to sanitarian standards for homes and mobile homes being considered for government insured loans or licensing as foster care and day care facilities.
  • May condemn and post unsafe water supplies or other facilities deemed harmful to the public welfare.
  • Examines new construction or remodeling plans and specifications for adherence to environmental health standards, and advises builders, owners and others regarding prevention or correction of problems.
  • Performs soil tests on vacant land and issues permits for on-site sewage systems and wells where appropriate.
  • Inspects food service establishments to determine compliance with current food code requirements. Issues temporary food licenses. Investigates possible food poisoning and food-borne illnesses. Reviews construction of new buildings or renovation of existing structures.
  • Inspects both residential and commercial dwellings and structures for proper sanitation, safety, water supply, disposal of sewage, and disposal of solid waste.
  • Inspects recreational areas, medical care facilities, mobile home parks, schools, day care centers, foster care homes and so forth for cleanliness of premises, safety requirements, sanitary practices, suitable water supply and proper disposal of sewage and solid waste.
  • Performs office activities such as the preparation of activity reports and the processing of licenses. Submits pertinent reports on inspection activities and recommends action to supervisor in cases where conditions exist which may be injurious to the public interest.
  • Meets with community groups regarding prevention and resolution of sanitation and environmental health problems.
  • Provides educational and technical guidance assistance to the public in all areas of sanitation and environmental health.
  • Advises operators and management by report and letter relative to correction of sanitary problems noted during various health inspection activities.
  • Issues verbal and written orders to correct violations, reinspects to insure compliance and collects samples and prepares reports for initiation of legal action for persistent violators.
  • Ability to meet state accreditation requirements as they relate to assigned job duties, including but not limited to training, inspections, and documentation.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all job duties performed by personnel so classified.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Principles of algebra, geometry, bacteriology, and chemistry applicable to environmental health problems.
  • Principles and practices of environmental and public health, applying local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations, and the County's sanitation codes and programs.
  • Public health principles, assessment and evaluation techniques, food safety, groundwater, and surface water testing procedures and practices, and food-borne illnesses.
  • Review and analysis of research, studies, data and report preparation techniques.
  • Make decisions in accordance with departmental policies and procedures
  • Communicate effectively with fellow employees and the general public
  • Perform field inspections
  • Prepare and present written reports
  • Present, explain, and discuss topics in the environmental health and protection field before public groups.
  • Explain complicated issues and procedures simply and accurately.
  • Strong interpersonal/communication (written/verbal) skills.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks at any time.
  • Setting priorities, coordinating multiple projects and meeting critical deadlines.
  • Using sound, independent judgment within established policy and procedural guidelines.
  • Preparing clear, concise and effective written materials.
  • Maintaining accurate records and files
Possession of a valid Michigan Vehicle Operator's License required. Use of personal vehicle is required.
Duties require sufficient mobility to work in a normal office setting, field site and use standard office equipment including a computer, vision to read printed materials, a computer monitor, and hearing and speech sufficient to communicate in person or over a telephone. An employee must be in good physical condition and be able to perform the critical functions of the job which may include lifting or moving objects between twenty one (21) and fifty (50) pounds; and for walking on uneven terrain, slippery conditions, bending, stooping, turning a soil auger, and standing for extended periods in a wide variety of weather conditions or work environments because the employee frequently makes on-site inspections and evaluations.
These requirements may be accommodated for otherwise qualified individuals requiring and requesting such accommodations.
Possession of a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Health, Biology, Chemistry or a related field.

Entry level Sanitarian. No specific prior experience is required.
Employee must obtain Registration as a Sanitarian/Environmental Health Specialist within four years of employment.

Registered Sanitarian/Registered Environmental Health Specialist.
This class description intends to identify the major duties and requirements of the job and should not be interpreted as all inclusive. Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related duties other than those outlined above and may be required to specific job-related knowledge for successful job performance.


CONTROL NUMBER: 2302-5080-2293-0015


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